The Eid Sheep - Cartoon

Eid Al Adha, originally uploaded by thameen.

The sheep of Eid Al Adha !!!!

Eid Adha Mubarak..


Only in Palestine, Iron Gates on the Roads

gateontheroad, originally uploaded by thameen.

An iron gate on the road between Nablus and Tulkarm in Palestine. The gate was placed by the Israeli Army to close the road. The Israeli army used many methods to restrict the movements of Palestinians including iron gates on the roads, checkpoints, trenches, concrete blocks and others.

After closing the road by the gate, people had to leave their cars and buses at one side of the gate and wlk to the other side to take other cars and buses waiting them there.

In this pic you can see the gate and the cars on both sides.

A place mark to the site on GE can be found at This Site

I do not think in any other place in the world you will see an iron gate on the road !!


Aerial Photo of the village Fandaqomiyah

pentacomiaaerial, originally uploaded by thameen.

An aerial photo of the village Fandaqomiyah in Jenin, Palestine taken at altitude 390 meters in a sunny summer day.