Israel Does Not Target the Palestinian Civilians


Does not target civilians

It only fights its evil enemies

some unavoidable civilian injury might accidentally occur

Israel Loves Palestinian Civilians

That’s why it was established on the Palestinians’ native land


heavily populated by its native inhabitants;

the Palestinians

And because Israel adores the Palestinian civilians

It kicked the Palestinians out of their homes and occupied the place

Surprisingly, these Palestinians became refugees.

and started, rudely, resisting the occupation

They became freedom fighters,


they became terrorists.

Peaceful Israel only fights the terrorists

Israel values civilians

But to fight terrorists, it air-strikes densely populated places

by pure chance homes get destroyed and thousands killed and injured.

Israel indeed respects civilians

It kindly turned their cities into large open-air prisons

Israel has a high regard for civilians

But to discipline the terrorists, it imposes mass punishment on the population.

Examples: cutting off water supplies, long curfews and restriction of movement

Israel does NOT target civilians

But for security, it encircles the Palestinians within a wall.

Fortuitously stealing more of the Palestinian fields and water

Israel does NOT hurt civilians

But to pinpoint terrorists it uses tank shells against heavily residential areas.

By coincidence civilians are mysteriously killed in hundreds.

Israel loves civilians

But to surgically uproot terrorism it uses one-ton-bombs against neighborhoods

Surprisingly, thousands of civilians get killed and injured.

Israel adores civilians

Israel is mad about civilians

So it uses cluster bombs on their cities and villages.

By absolute coincidence kids step on them and lose their legs and arms.

Israel worships civilians

Israel finds Palestinian civilians irresistible

thus occasionally it uses phosphorus bombs and depleted uranium bombs over Palestinian cities.

civilians get burned and radiated by pure unfortunate mistake.

Israel is keen on civilians

So, the kind Israeli soldiers face demonstrations with live ammunitions

unconsciously shooting civilians in the heads and chests.

Israel is devoted to civilians

So, as an extra special treat for its beloved occupied civilians,

it generously built hundred of illegal settlements on the occupied Palestinian lands,

stealing more of the Palestinians’ land

although Israel idolizes civilians,

many ignorant people, shamelessly and audaciously, call its leaders and soldiers child killers !

Because some how,

in a mysterious way,

in an unexplained mystifying manner,

in a weird baffling pattern,

in a strange puzzling fact,

most of Israel’s victims are kids.

But, in fact, poor Israel aches for civilians

loves civilians

is fond of them

so much fond of them

so much

so much more

loves the old

and the young

the tiny

the very tiny


in pairs

in piles

Sample Statistics of Israel’s love of Palestinian civilians

The First Palestinian uprising against Israel 1987
  • Civilians killed 1489
  • Militants killed 10
  • 99.5% civilians

The second Palestinian uprising against Israel 2000
  • Civilians killed 4860
  • Militants killed 800
  • 86% civilians

The Israel Lebanon War, 2006.
  • Civilians killed 1200
  • Militants killed 250
  • 83% civilians

The Israel War on Gaza, 2009.
  • Civilians killed 1400
  • Militants killed 100
  • 93% civilians

Simple Facts of Israel’s devotion to Palestinian civilians

Palestine is tiny, half the size of Hawaii

the occupied Palestinians are 4 million people

Israel occupies Palestine for 41 years, during this time, Israel can claim to the following achievements:
  • Israel killed 19,725 civilians. That’s 5 in 1000 of the Palestinian population. Or 2,000,000 two millions civilians killed in USA population scale
  • Israel injured 80,000 civilians. That’s 20 in 1000. Or 8,000,000 8 millions civilians injured in USA scale
  • Israel demolished 50,000 Palestinian homes. That’s 1 in 10 of Palestinian homes. 5 million homes in USA scale
  • Israel uprooted about half million olive trees. Israel is the only country in the world that uproots trees as a collective punishment
  • Israel arrested 300 000 Palestinians. That is 15% of the adult Palestinian population
Israel loves civilians
Israel venerates civilians
is obsessed with civilians
craves civilians
longs for civilians
desires civilians
yearns for civilians
wants them so much
covets them
is passionate about them

does NOT target them

and if these civilians get killed

it is of course the civilians’ fault.

"We can not forgive the Palestinians for forcing us to kill their children".

Golda Meir ,
Former Israeli prime minister