I Was There Too

I see snipers experiencing shooting at kids throwing stones. I see the anti-tank missile fired at the crowds, exploding their bodies. I close my eyes, but still I see that, and can not clear it from my memory, and I feel sad, heart broken and full of tears.

I'm not there now; the screaming mouths are just a fading image in my memory. My hands are clear, no red blood; I look at my hands to make sure. But after this long time, I still smell that smell of a fresh wound.

I went on and traveled to distant places and times away from that ER. Why it that every door opens is creates a child in my heart? Why do I always expect the opening door to reveal a shot young man carrying a shot kid?

I did night calls too much that I can not count, but why is it now each time the phone rings my hand tremble and I expect a call with those frightening background voices.

I was there long ago, but they are still there. I switch on the TV and I see the snipers and the kids, the anti-tank missiles. I see the blood climbing to my hands, the smell filling the room, I see ER doors opening wide and young doctors rushing. They look solid, but I know that their hands just trembled when they heard those background voices.

I'm not there any more, but it is still going on. How then can I get it out of my mind!