Three Morning Flowers

Yesterday I saw the most expressive and touching sight in my life. Three school kids of the first primary class 6 years old were going to school with their not very well done blue school uniform and bags on their backs. They were still half-asleep as you can see in their sleepy eyes, untidy hair curls and zigzag walking. To reach the school they had to pass by an Israeli tank, with three plastics like soldiers atop, and a 500 mm automatic gun. Situated at a green hill, the khaki tank was silently violating the beautiful green morning view. The three kids passed by the tank without giving the least of attention, but after few meters they stood, whispered to each other, and walked back to the scary figure. Astonishingly, they stood in a raw two meters from the the tank, and raised all their hands with a V sign. They stood for minutes, moving their hands all directions and rotating them to make sure the soldiers see them, even jumping in the air and one of them stood on a small stone.

Disappointed by the plastic faces, the kids chanted "falsteen7urra-Palestine is free" and ran away with bent backs, panic tiny voices and hands covering their heads as though being under heavy shooting. The three soldiers kept frozen with a mask face. Not smiling nor shouting or even looking at each other. At that very moment I wanted to join these litt leboys, but more I wished I could know what did those three soldiers, in that dreamy morning, thought of.

This is why I have hope. I'm praying that the day will come when our aggressors will defeat the inhuman mentality that occupies their minds, the day when they can, instead of pointing a 500 mm automatic gun towards three morning flowers, smile to them.