A Letter to the Humane World

Dear friends all over the world, I would like to thank every one of you for your continuous efforts to support us and sympathize with our cause. Your tender human feelings and political awareness and moral courage give us what we desperately need of courage and hope. I'm particularly grateful to every one who sent my family and me nice words of understanding and solidarity in these ongoing bad times. It is bad, because of the brutal killing, injury and destruction, but, to me, it is particularly bad as I'm getting to understand more and more about the scale of the blot of my people. As a young man I find myself confused in a confused nation. Both of us with no plan of action except to fight amassive logistic power at countless fronts. Both left alone in the darkness of terror and violation, suffering from the religious and historical complexities of others.
I was imprisoned in the village due to the siege imposed by the occupation army. I feel the urge to help spread our word to the world, because you go to the Internet and see the occupation propaganda machine sending their intentionally or unintentionally distorted version about what is going on. I did write some appeals and made some posters. I think it is the duty of every one of us who knows to try spread our word to the world. I do not know if it will make any difference, but it was very rewarding for me.
Writing on the Internet made me understand many things. I realized the great support the Occupation do have in the United States, the world's super power and 'model role of democracy and civilization', and also the high level of efficacy they are working with. I also did understand the huge efforts that the supporters of Occupation do invest in the media work. They have mobilized thousands of their best men of all the sorts of occupations; journalists, politicians,media men, propagandists, businessmen, intellectuals, writers, poets and cheaters. All to make the world justify their unlimited violation of our nation in the name
of the war on terror.
It it is miserable to see how little and scattered our, the Palestinians', efforts are. We are in the worst position a nation may find itself in. We are people who lost their land, their homes, their dreams and even their human title. But, atop of that the Occupation supporters and their super power allay are trying to make us feel guilty for our misery. This is the worst of what can be done to a human being.
May be due to the shattering of our society once and again, may be due to receiving a trauma after a trauma, or may be for reasons that I could not comprehend, our nation is much less efficient and effective as our enemy. We have done dramatic mistakes that we are suffering till now. But the whole picture is a collective misery that we the young generations have to fight and improve. But what can we do apart from resisting this imposed fate with all what we have? Nothing.
We will resist this fate, and continue our struggle for our rights. Demonstrating against the occupation, I recently realized, is not aimed at breaking the glass of their buses and scratching their tanks. It represents the ultimate of human expression, it is saying no in the loudest voice available. It's such an artistic and magical act that absorbs me with its beauty. Where are you, our national poet?
Yes we are logistically weak, but let our last shot in this war be saying NO to the Ocupation fascism. They will never defeat us. They can kill us, yes. They may deport us and destroy our villages as they did 58 years ago, yes. But they will never defeat us, as we will grow in our land with the lilies of the next spring, the olive trees will miss us next winter and we will come with the rain drops to kiss their leaves and assure them that we are still around. One day we will overcome, the truth will make us free.